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Blue Sky - US is a new mining services company that will provide procurement services, as well as technical and operational support to the entire Blue Sky group and their network of global customers.


The Company will engage in two principal business activities: 1. Equipment Procurement: Procure large equipment, heavy machinery and mining related technology for export to the wider Blue Sky Group and its customers and partners for use in its global exploration, mining and infrastructure development activities, as well as for its equipment sales channels. 2.bilingual and technical support: Provide bilingual support, technical assistance and mining expertise to suppliers, Blue Sky buyers, customers and other partners to facilitate procurement activities.

The Company will source a variety of well-known, high-quality U.S. brands and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), including:

  • Caterpillar: The world's leading manufacturer of heavy equipment

  • John Deere

  • Epiroc

  • Boart Longyear

  • Deister Machine

  • McLanahan

It will also source products from multinational brands with major production operations based in the US, such as :

  • Komatsu

  • Liebherr


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Heavy machinery, equipment and transport vehicles for use in mining and in the construction and development of major infrastructure. These will include a wide range of potential types of equipment, products and parts, such as:

  • Heavy trucks

  • Hydraulic mining shovels

  • Rotary drills

  • Large bulldozers

  • Electric cable excavators

  • Motor graders

  • Large wheel loaders

  • Rock drills

  • Underground mining loaders

  • And much more ....


Blue Sky - US will provide full sourcing services, building a reliable supply chain in the US, negotiating and facilitating all sales contracts and shipping terms on behalf of Blue Sky - Mali and other customers, and managing all logistics and exports. In addition, it will also provide essential technical, mechanical, translation and customer support services. These services will include general support for all operators of mining equipment in the field, including ongoing maintenance support, troubleshooting and general customer service enquiries. It will also employ translators (for English, French and Chinese) and work with suppliers to provide basic training, operational safety and preventive maintenance procedures for all equipment operators in their native language - a unique service that sets the Company apart from other supply service providers in the industry.

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