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Managerial Job Descriptions

Managerial Job Descriptions

To support its US activities this coming July 2024, Blue Sky US-LLC is actively looking for prospective people to fill in the following job descriptions: a Technical Manager, a Procurement & Logistics Manager, and an Office Manager.

Technical Manager

Annual Salary: $95,000
Education/Experience Requirements: Possess technical expertise in heavy equipment and mining operations, demonstrating a deep understanding of the equipment's functionality and maintenance needs.

Technical Consultation:

  • Collaborate with the Procurement & Logistics Manager to assess equipment specifications and suitability for mining operations.

  • Provide expert recommendations to ensure equipment aligns with operational needs and safety requirements.

Maintenance Coordination:

  • Take charge of ongoing equipment maintenance, overseeing servicing and repair activities to maximize operational uptime.

  • Ensure that maintenance tasks are executed promptly and effectively, minimizing equipment downtime.

Technical Support:

  • Offer technical support to the on-ground mining team, addressing and resolving technical issues promptly.

  • Facilitate equipment training for on-ground personnel to enhance their technical competence and equipment handling skills.

Vendor Relations:

  • Establish and maintain positive relations with US-based equipment providers.

  • Collaborate with suppliers to execute maintenance and repair agreements efficiently, adhering to agreed-upon terms and timelines.

Quality Assurance:

  • Verify the quality and safety compliance of equipment after maintenance and repair procedures.

  • Conduct thorough inspections to ensure equipment meets operational and safety standards.

Procurement & Logistics Manager

Annual Salary: $85,000

Education/Experience Requirements: Bachelor's degree in business, supply chain management, or a related field. Experience in supplier relationship management, logistics coordination, and cost optimization required.

Supplier Relationship Management:

  • Cultivate and maintain strong relationships with US-based equipment suppliers and account managers.

  • Negotiate favorable terms, pricing, and delivery schedules to secure cost-effective equipment.

  • Collaborate with logistics partners and service providers to streamline the supply chain.

Equipment Procurement:

  • Collaborate with the CEO and Foreign Company to define equipment specifications that align with operational needs.

  • Ensure the timely acquisition of equipment, considering quality and compliance requirements.

Logistics Coordination:

  • Oversee the end-to-end logistics process for equipment transport, including shipping, customs clearance, and delivery.

  • Coordinate closely with logistics partners to optimize transportation efficiency.

Team Collaboration:

  • Work in tandem with the Head of Mining Operations (Foreign Company) to facilitate seamless coordination between equipment acquisition and on-ground mining operations.

  • Engage in cross-functional communication to align procurement efforts with operational goals.

Quality Assurance:

  • Conduct thorough inspections upon equipment delivery to confirm quality and compliance with specifications.

  • Promptly address and resolve any issues or discrepancies to ensure operational continuity.

Cost Management:

  • Monitor and control procurement costs by implementing cost-effective sourcing strategies.

  • Optimize supply chain operations to minimize expenses associated with equipment procurement.

Contract Management:

  • Draft, negotiate, and manage contracts with US suppliers to secure favorable terms and conditions.

  • Ensure that contracts comply with all relevant regulations and align with company policies.

Office Manager

Annual Salary: $60,000
Education/Experience Requirements: Bachelor’s degree or 3+ years of experience in administration or office support

Administrative Management:

  • Oversee the daily operations of the office, including maintaining office facilities, supplies inventory, and equipment, ensuring that processes and tasks are executed efficiently.

  • Provide administrative assistance to various personnel, including scheduling meetings, handling correspondence, and maintaining records.

Facility Maintenance & Vendor Relations:

  • Liaise with vendors and service providers for any necessary office maintenance or upgrades.

  • Negotiate contracts and pricing with suppliers to ensure the Company gets optimal value.

Team Support & Coordination:

  • Assist managerial staff with their administrative needs and facilitate inter-departmental communication.

  • Assist in the planning and organization of company meetings and events.

Financial Responsibilities:

  • Handle fundamental office finances, including overseeing expense reports, prepare and manage invoices, track payments, and ensure timely payment to suppliers.

  • Maintain accurate financial records, reconcile accounts, and assist with financial reporting.

HR Support:

  • Lead the onboarding processes for new employees, offering essential training on office systems and protocols.

  • Serve as the primary contact for office-related inquiries from staff members.


We are also looking for the following support staff with job descriptions below:

A Procurement & Logistics Coordinator, a Translator – English/French, and a Translator – English/Chinese.

Procurement & Logistics Coordinator

Annual Salary: $60,000
Education/Experience Requirements: Bachelor's degree or relevant experience in procurement, logistics, or a related field.

  • Ensure that procurement processes are efficient and align with company standards.
    Maintain accurate records and documentation related to equipment procurement, including order forms, invoices, and shipping documents.

  • Collaborate with the Procurement & Logistics Manager to facilitate the procurement process, from order placement to equipment delivery.

  • Organize and archive essential procurement-related paperwork for easy retrieval.
    Serve as a communication bridge between U.S.-based suppliers and the procurement team.

  • Facilitate timely responses, clear communication, and coordination of information between parties.

  • Assist in logistics coordination, including arranging transportation for equipment delivery.

  • Track shipments and proactively address logistical challenges to ensure on-time deliveries.

  • Participate in inspecting equipment upon delivery to verify its quality and compliance with specified requirements.

  • Report any discrepancies or issues promptly to the Procurement & Logistics Manager.
    Perform various administrative duties to support the procurement and logistics functions, such as data entry, filing, and document preparation.

  • Assist in organizing meetings, scheduling appointments, and maintaining departmental records.

Translator – English/French

Annual Salary: $50,000
Education/Experience Requirements: Fluency in both English and French languages, encompassing strong written and spoken skills.

  • Act as a vital link in facilitating communication between the Company and the Foreign Company by providing accurate translation of written documents, emails, reports, and technical specifications from English to French and vice versa.

  • Ensure that translated materials maintain clarity, precision, and context, serving as a crucial communication bridge.

  • Play a pivotal role during meetings and conferences, enabling effective communication between English-speaking and French-speaking participants.

  • Provide real-time interpretation to ensure that all participants, including executive/management and the team on the ground, comprehend discussions fully.

  • Conduct thorough reviews of translated materials, paying meticulous attention to accuracy, proper grammar, and cultural nuances.

  • Edit and proofread translated content to maintain consistency and uphold quality standards.

  • Collaborate closely with all positions within the organization, including Procurement & Logistics, Technical Manager, and others.

  • Facilitate written communication, translate technical specifications, and ensure that all departments receive accurate and effective translations.


Translator – English/Chinese

Annual Salary: $50,000
Education/Experience Requirements: Fluency in both English and Chinese languages, encompassing strong written and spoken skills.

  • Serve as a crucial communication bridge between the Company and Foreign Company by accurately translating a wide range of written documents, including emails, reports, and technical materials, from English to Chinese and vice versa.

  • Ensure translations maintain precision, clarity, and context, facilitating seamless understanding between teams.

  • Play a pivotal role in meetings and conferences, providing real-time interpretation to bridge language gaps effectively.

  • Enable comprehensive communication between English-speaking and Chinese-speaking participants, including executive/management and on-ground teams.

  • Conduct thorough reviews of translated materials to ensure accuracy and cultural appropriateness.

  • Pay meticulous attention to details and nuances, making certain that translations align with cultural sensitivities and context.

  • Collaborate closely with various positions within the organization, including Procurement & Logistics, Technical Manager, and others.

  • Facilitate communication by translating technical specifications, assisting with written communications, and ensuring effective interactions among departments.

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